Regulating Food In America Essay

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Is the Food in America Being Properly Regulated?
Today it is not hard to walk into a grocery store and pick up the food you need for the week. People do not have to question how the food got there or what is in the long list of ingredients on their snack. Everyday people put their trust in the agencies such as the FDA and USDA to regulate their food and drugs and to keep them healthy. Americans are aware that their food is being regulated but many people are unaware of what is being done to make sure the food is safe. To get some perspective on how the United States regulates food it is beneficial to look at Europe's approach. The European Union takes a precautionary approach when it comes to regulating food, this is something that is not seen …show more content…

FDA is incharge of making sure food is regulated properly, but they need to put more regulations in place to ensure the food available to the public is safe. Concerns about our food are more than just what we are eating or what is added to the food, people should also be thinking about how food is handled. The way food is produced and distributed throughout America is unsanitary and causes risk of diseases. Donavan discusses the issues with transporting meat, “...large quantities of animals are often transported between states or even countries in tight, poorly ventilated spaces.” (Donovan para 9). The type of environment these animals are kept in allows for diseases to be caught and spread fast. Large farms work to be as efficient with money and time as possible but that …show more content…

The FDA and USDA work to try and make sure food is as safe as possible but their approach needs to be reevaluated. Splitting the control of regulations between multiple agencies causes confusion that can prevent proper precautions from being taken. The FDA regulates the majority of the food available to Americans but due to ineffective testing and lack of precaution taken more work needs to be done. It is important that food safety is taken seriously because of how much of an impact food has on people's lives. In order to keep the American public healthy, food regulations need to be up to

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