Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory compliance describes the goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations (Rouse, 2012). In health care, regulatory compliance is crucial to the success of a facility. It is up to the managers to ensure that the proper steps are taken to stay compliant with regulations and laws set in place for health care workers and facilities. There are several ways that managers can ensure that they are in compliance. Managers affect and can also be affected by health care policy.
Managers Role in Regulatory Compliance
It is the job of the manager to manage and lead their staff in various aspects of their job. One of the primary roles of a manager
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It is the duty of the manager to ensure targets are set and obtained. Managers can make an impact on the policy by researching and coming up with solutions that best fit the needs of the practice or facility. On the other hand, the systems can also give health care managers direction as to what training may be necessary, as well as what changes will be essential to the growth of the practice. Having health policies helps to define a vision for the future which in turn contributes to establishing targets and points of reference for the short and medium term they also help outline management priorities and the expected roles of different groups while building consensus and informs people (WHO, 2016). Without health policies just like regulations and laws, health care would lack structure, therefore, putting patient’s safety at risk this is why it makes such a huge impact on managers. Health professional leaders and educators from medicine, nursing, public health, and other disciplines have advocated for the importance of health policy training to support engagement and leadership in public policy issues that impact their professions and the health of communities they serve (Heiman, Smith, McKool, Mitchell & Bayer,
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