Rehabilitation In Nursing Case Study

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Rehabilitation involves the successful and productive interactions of several clinicians. According to Lewis, Rehabilitation is the process of maximizing the patient’s capabilities and resources to promote optimal functioning related to physical, mental, and social well-being. There is no one universal definition of rehabilitation, but the goal and outcome of each patient implemented by a collaborative healthcare team are relatively similar. The goals of rehabilitation are to prevent deformity, maintain and improve function. Rehabilitation can occur in several settings, ranging from acute, subacute, or long term care. The role of the clinicians participating in the care of the client slightly differ depending on the settings. The nursing student…show more content…
One of the student nurse goal of this experience includes interviewing different members of the collaborative team to understand their role and scope of practice. The student nurse will monitor the client during rehab and determine how well activities are being tolerated. Another important goal of the nursing student include contributing to the client’s plan of care and implementing tasks in a timely manner. Providing holistic and competent care is the core of nursing practice, so it was important the nursing student spend an adequate amount of time assessing the non-physical part of the healing process. The mind and body are both interconnected, and the student nurse final goal was to uplift the client’s mood to encourage optimal participation in…show more content…
Physical therapy is usually delivered on a one-to-one basis, is person-centered, and involves tailored interventions to address impairments and functional limitations. The physical therapists may recommend a combination of interventions, such as active and passive exercises, manual therapy, and provision of electro physical modalities. Physical therapists focus on addressing impairments and restoring movements to restricted parts of the body. Participating and witnessing first hand what each specialty involved in the rehab experience offered, clarified the scope of practice and the differences between the collaborative
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