Rehabilitation In The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The Use of Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice System
Subtitle: In the scale of whole society, is rehabilitation better than retribution for the criminals?

Living in a highly developed society, people now care about not only their basic living standard, but also their living quality. For example, many people are not just satisfied with having basic food but with tastier food. Similarly, even criminal incarceration method has developed from simple retribution to a new one -- rehabilitation.

Let us first make an identification. Rehabilitation, as a way of incarceration, is a treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to
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Retribution spurs up deterrence effects which not only reduces recidivism but also lowers down first-degree offense. According to Dr. Larry Siegel, Ph.D. in Criminal Justice of State University of New York (2009), deterrence theory implies a psychological process whereby individuals are deterred from committing criminal acts if they perceive legal sanctions as severe. In other word, deterrence effect can be seen as a natural psychological action after committing a crime. Given the opportunity to commit a criminal act, the person presumably weighs the costs and rewards of doing so in comparison to other behavioral options. The more the individual perceives legal sanctions as severe, the greater is the perceived cost of crime and thus the probability of deterrence (Dr. Kirk Williams, Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Arizona, 1987). What is more, incapacitation directly proves the rationality of retribution. According to Dr. David Green, Ph.D. in Economics at University of Newcastle, (2006), crime levels fall when more offenders have been sent to prison. Statistics show the average inmate committed 140 crimes in the 12 months before his admission into custody. If we locked up 10,000 more offenders a year, we could prevent 1.4 million offenses, saving a fortune and reducing aggravation for citizens. To sum up, retribution can substantially improve citizen safety, and reduces harm of crime beard by the

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