Rehabilitation Observation

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Rehabilitation Observation Rehabilitation therapy begins in the acute care hospital after a person’s overall condition has been stabilized. Patients can be admitted to the rehabilitation program from home, a hospital or other type of facility, provided they meet certain criteria. The rehabilitation unit at Palmetto Health Tuomey is located on the fifth floor. During our experience, we observed therapists and nurses working and interacting with clients of varying degrees of disabilities. The Palmetto Health Tuomey rehabilitation unit employs one speech therapist, eight physical therapists and seven occupational therapists. There are usually four nurses on duty each shift. Roles of the occupational therapist, speech-language therapist,…show more content…
It scores patients on 6 different categories of self-care; feeding, grooming, bathing, upper body and lower body dressing and toileting. The range is from 7 to 1. 7 is complete, 6 is modified, 5 requires supervision, but the patient can perform the activity 4 is minimum assist (patient performs 75% or more), 3 is moderate assist (patient performs 50% or more), 2 is maximum assist (patient performs less than 25%), 1 is complete assist. FIMS also evaluates bowel and bladder control, transfer status, mobility, communication, and social cognition. The FIM score is insurance based. The patient’s length of stay and reimburse to the hospital is based on their FIM score. The lower the score, the longer a patient can stay in the rehabilitation setting. The usual length of stay is seven to twenty-one days. A patient must stay four midnights in order for the hospital to be reimbursed from the insurance companies. Nurse’s role in discharging a patient from a rehabilitation…show more content…
Home Health and outpatient therapy are just a few of the community resources available to patients and their families. Sumter, South Carolina offers housing options for patients in a short-term situation for rehabilitation services and respite care for their families. Meals on wheels is an option for patients who are not able to provide meals for themselves. This can be long term or until the patients recover. Incorporating knowledge obtained from this observation experience in future nursing practice. The rehabilitation unit has a lot to offer both patients and nurses. It demonstrates how important the nurse’s role is in healing of the mind and body for patients in this setting. It is vital for the nurse to have a lot more patience in not only this setting, but in all health care settings. It is a good reminder of how patients depend on nurses for comfort and support as well as providing medical care to assist in their

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