Rehabilitation Programs Disadvantages

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In Hong Kong, there is a long history and development of drug abuse, opium smoking was a common habit in Hong Kong and China in eightieth century. After certain decades, the drug abuse habit shifting from opium smoking to various type of drug abuse such as heroin, ketamine, ecstasy, cocaine, etc. A report from Narcotics Division, Security Bureau stated that in the 1950s, drug addiction increased at an alarming rate that over 90% of the entire prison population was found to be drug addicted, more of the drug abuse population were hidden. In 1958, the government was first to introduce treatment programmes to tackle the issue. At the begin, the compulsory treatment programms was started, and followed by, some voluntary service provided
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There are two kinds of different ways to participate in the rehabilitation centers. First is the drug abuser either motivated by his own experience, his family or the professional such as teachers, social workers or doctors. Another kind of drug abuser may being arrested by the police officers that they have to attend court, during the prosecution, they may be convicted and sentenced to Drug Addiction Treatment Centre of Correctional Services Department or the court calls for probation officer's report before making the sentence. It may result in getting a treatment opportunities for their own. In Wu Oi Christian Centre, the helpers will keep assessing the motivation of drug abusers which is continue or quit, they pointed that family support is crucial in drug addiction treatment. The processes of treatment is usually twelve months, within this period, centers would provide message with religious which is important for drug abusers. Religious propagation is a kind of mental support and hope for drug abusers which sustain them to carry on the whole process. Based on the views of the respective treatment or rehabilitation center and recommendation of probation officer, it would decided the drug addiction…show more content…
A recent research showed that to motivate clients to change, the scare tactics are most likely to produce the intended change in behavior ( Goodman 2009), threatening the client would only lead to counter effective and confront the client to be defensive. The rehabilitation center is trying to set a goal by attempts to make the drug abusers not taking drugs anymore and move back drugs abusers to society normally. Every drug abusers would treat as only deviant behavior, once they do not take drugs anymore, they could become the same as everyone.

Advantages of treatment and rehabilitation programmes
It is obvious that the rehabilitation programmes have various advantages which are stay away from drugs, strengthen the confidence of drug abusers and have high elasticity of the programmes.

Stay away from

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