Rehabilitation Therapy

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Drug addiction is an epidemic that is occurring all over the world. America, the heartland, is struggling to keep the country drug free. In order to stop addiction, a person must go through rehabilitation therapy. However, therapy is becoming common and immune to drug addicts which is making treatment less successful. The solution to the growing problem is to improve these treatments in their performance to increase the desired outcome. Although treatment can be improved, drug addiction awareness should increase due to adolescent peer pressure, negative care giving, and addict-to-family miscommunication. Addiction is often referred to as action or periodic use. Substance addiction is likely to be correspondent when defining an addict (Kosovski…show more content…
An addict becomes affiliated with a caregiver to help overcome addiction. Communication of an addict and a caregiver is an important part of the treatment process (Manuella 1767). Building a relationship with an addict is essential to develop success (Bartlett et al. 351). A caregiver not only has to perform outstanding medically, but also achieve friendly caregiving through personality and attitude (Manuella 1767). Caregivers must be positive and effective for better influence on the addict. Stereotypical thoughts about an addict are common in caregivers such as nurses Bartlett et al. 350). The National Drug Abuse Institute reported that, “A person with an addiction can recover with proper care, but an addicted person is unlikely to recover alone” (Bartlett et al. 350). The negativity and improper care posed by caregivers is the main reason for rehab failure. Assessments of proper and guidance should be given to nurses to help addicts successfully achieve rehabilitation to overcome addiction (Bartlett et al. 350). Shaping caregivers is a major focus that can change the outlook for becoming drug…show more content…
This idea has been outweighed by its negative aspects. Rehabilitation is a very costly process for an addict (Kovac 21). According to Piazza, “the average cost of a minimum monthly stay in a rehabilitation center in 2013 was $23,500” (392). Containing addiction is becoming harder every day. Failure in drug rehabilitation is the main reason to the progressive number of addicts (Zimic and Jukic 176). David Sheff, the author of Clean discusses the process of addiction, as well as recovery as a whole. Many addicts are kicked out of rehab due to relapse (Sheff 134). Sheff states, “Kicking an addict out of treatment for relapse is like kicking a cancer patient out of treatment when a tumor grows in size” (Sheff 135). Not every addict is the same; each addict needs a specialized plan that works specifically for them. Dodging any type of medical treatment can also occur in addicts (Bartlett et al. 352). Without being able to do any sort of normal lifestyle activities, addicts often deny treatment (Sheff 151). The improvements that have been made are restricting for addicts and have continued to
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