Rehabilitation Vs Rehabilitation

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In a Monash University survey led by (Trotter 1996), it collects public opionion about sentencing, the sample was made up of 330 people randomly, the result suggests that people want harsher sentences in general, they have limited knowledge around optional meausures., therefore they have no idea of a more appropriate sentence. Most people hope that to violent offenders or sexual offenders get harsher sentence, but they are happy to see low-risk offenders to receive fines or community-based orders. Moreover, when people were given more information about punitive alternatives as well as relevant cost of prison system, 70% agree that money should spent on alternative correction programs rather than building more prisons. In conclusion, although…show more content…
Role of Social Workers in Rehabilitation

A Victorian study found that probation officers with a social work or welfare background are more likely to take effective action and have clients with low reoffending rates. Therefore, there is evidence to believe that social work and probation is a productive combination which has the potential to have an impact on recidivism rates (Trotter 2000). There is some reason to believe that social workers and welfare trained staff might be more inclined towards the use of the effective practice skills than those trained in other disciplines.

Social workers who work as lay supervisors (Lay supervisor refers to people who are given guidance and support by probation officers, (Hamai et al. 1995) in probation had clients with significantly (about 40%) lower re-offending rates compared to police officers who are also lay supervisors in probation (Bondeson 1994 cited in Trotter
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Imprisonment can not facilitate young offenders from recognizing their issues, but a timely and appropriate intervention will do that.
In order to enter criminal justice system, social workers should have a sound knowledge of legal system and justice system related to social work practice, also the basic social work skills and values can not be ignored. Particularly in the field of rehabilitation in justice system, social workers need to enhance their skills of designing and implementing various services or programs.

It seems that social work and the justice system are going to have a new partnership that focuses on the transformation of individuals. The partnership social work and the justice system can provide needed services to offenders and victims. Social workers will contribute in aspects like counselling, employment, housing and food. It is becoming obvious that incarceration itself can not solve the problem. Social workers can pass on their experience and be part of public policy planning and the legislative process (Treger, H & Allen, F 2006).
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