Reign Of Deaths: Pandemonium And Violence In The French Revolution

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Starting in 1789, The French Revolution was a time of complete pandemonium and violence. The French Revolution appropriately acquired the name of the “Reign of Terror” for its huge amount of undeserving deaths. During this time, peasants and other members of the third estate revolted against the monarchy and the social structure of France. The people who were alleged to be against this revolution would be directed to the guillotine. The guillotine was a device used to decapitate one's head. The wealthy and upper-class members (aristocrats) of the first and second estate was generally against the revolution, so they were targeted. As aristocrats discovered they were under fire, many started fleeing to England. The French Revolution affected…show more content…
Crowds of cheering citizens filled the region like an arena of devoted fans. The guillotine stood tall and massive in all its terrifying glory, waiting for the next victim to head its way. A man would soon be put to his inevitable death just like many before him. Some were excited, ready to see blood spill on to further the revolution. Others looked at this event as an act of absolute injustice. One of those people was named Susan Hovers. Susan looked around fretfully at the crowd, wondering what the man did to deserve such a gruesome death. But this trivial thinking did not matter because this poor man’s death was certain. The announcer's voice rose up amid the large crowd. “This man by the name of Sam Berdunet went against this country in the way of treason. He must be punished for his disloyalty to

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