Reign Of Terror Dbq

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The Reign of Terror The French were losing the war, and Europe was weakening them. The Jacobins were afraid that the anti revolutionaries would ruin all their efforts. As a result, they expelled the declaration. They had police roaming the streets for anyone that may be against the revolution. If there was the slightest suspicion, they were immediately imprisoned, tried, and executed. Hundreds and thousands of lives were lost throughout this period of “emergency government,” which came to be known as the Reign of Terror. The terror was a period of paranoia and blood. Anyone could have been accused and killed on the spot. If people used the old forms of address, “Madame”and “Monsieur,” instead of “citizen,” they were killed. If they did not seem enthusiastic enough about the revolution, they were executed . As if they hadn't done enough, the revolutionaries formed yet another group, the Committee of Public Safety, to rule France. The twelve men, including Robespierre, did everything in their power to prevent anyone from stopping the revolution, including the destruction of religion. Churches and any other religious items were destroyed, leaving the people with only one thing to…show more content…
They realized that they do not have to be treated unfairly, and can change their ways to establish equality amongst all the citizens. As a result, they started to fight for their rights. However, when they were refused their simple requests, things started to get violent. This enlightenment, alongside the terrible financial debt France was left in, was the beginning of the revolution. It lead to the strikes during the period if the Great Fear, to the downfall of the monarchy, to the beginning of violence as the revolution took a wrong turn, and the pointless deaths during the Reign of Terror. Then finally, the revolution was over, and Napoleon was crowned
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