Reign Of Terror Justified Essay

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The reign of terror is time you say described the time in history when the French Revolution hit an extreme. It was a result of conflict between two rival political factions, the Girondins and the Jacobins. The Girdondins wanted France to follow Britain’s example of government o societal hierarchy. Conversely the Jacobins wanted an entirely new system of government and society in which everyone was equal. The Jacobins we are radicals and felt the need to stop anyone in their way. Resting around 200000 people including roughly 17000 people their deaths. Anyone seen as the smallest to the rebellion was killed. Although this happened many many years ago the topic of whether or not the reign of terror was justified is still highly controversial. People argue as to when political groups should be able to restrict and control freedoms of its citizens. There are those people that would argue that the reign of terror unjust and went way too far, killing large numbers…show more content…
For this new form of government to stay in power it had to go to extreme measures to get rid of enemies and potential threats. With the reign of terror the new non-monarchy government would have not been able to form and the country’s economy would have continued to struggle. With the events that did occur it ultimately allowed the citizens and much larger say. The new government instituted great new laws like a maximum price for goods. This help everyone get at minimum a decent amount of food so they could survive. They also introduced a new minimum wage law. This help equalize things between social classes. It paid the hard workers fairly for their labor. Without the bloodshed from the reign of terror there would have been no stop to the unfair ruling of the monarchy. The reign of terror was critic for a new and improve government and a more fair order in
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