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What is Reiki?

Pronounced "ray-key", the word "Reiki" is actually made up of two Japanese words: "rei" meaning "universal" and "ki" meaning "life force". "Ki" has the same meaning as the Chinese "chi" (as in Tai Chi) or "qi" (Qi Gong), or the Hindu/Indian idea of "prana". Therefore Reiki literally means "universal life force," and this phrase is the commonly used Western term for the energy that is channeled by the practitioner during the practice of Reiki. The practitioner serves as a conduit for this force. They do not have to use their own energy, and instead of being drained by the process, they also receive healing energy as the Reiki passes through them. This energy usually enters through the crown of the head and is directed out through the palm chakras. Using visualization and special Second Degree Reiki symbols, it can be sent across time and distance. It is an inherently
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Mikao Usui's work in Japan, usually coming to the United States via Ms. Hawayo Takata. Tradition teaches us that Dr. Usui (or Usui Sensei, "sensei" meaning "teacher"), a Buddhist healer, went on a quest to find the lost teachings by which Jesus and various historical mystics performed great miracles. He especially sought to find a method of healing which would not deplete the healer's own energy. After studying sacred texts in China and the West, and only finding a portion of the information which he sought, he returned to Japan. On the last day of a twenty-one day retreat on Mount Kurama, which he spent fasting and meditating, he suddenly felt the Reiki energy enter into him and was given the Reiki symbols and information on how to use them. He soon opened his first clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Japan. His fame quickly spread. He traveled to Tokyo after the great earthquake of 1923 and opened a second clinic there in 1925. He began to travel and taught thousands of students and initiated sixteen teachers before his death on March 9,
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