Reinforcement Theory Essay

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Identify a possible reaction an individual might exhibit from a reinforcing perspective. Support your reasoning. Each individual react differently from reinforcement depending on the approaches management used. There are four approaches to reinforcement theory; they are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. Reinforcement “increases the frequency of desired behavior while Punishment “decreases the frequency of undesirable behavior.” An individual when reinforced might exhibit a feeling of pleasure and can be longer or brief, may be avoiding or may escape removing unpleasant feeling, may face their fear when reinforcement is encountered, or maybe a positive. Reinforcement may be positive…show more content…
There are several reasons that health care providers dismissed the sign and symptoms of Lewis’s deterioration. I personally believe that it is because of new nurses who are still learning and are lack of experience. The nurses that are proactive in their job are vigilant and are on the watch for their patient’s health and safety. They are the advocate and are there for their patient at all times. Another thing is the broken equipment. This is the hospital’s negligence of not inspecting their devices routinely. Ketorolac is an NSAID medication that should not be used more than one dose for patient under 16 years old. Prolonged use of this medication may cause bleeding. Pharmacy should also be questioned, as medications are their expertise, especially that it was given around the clock for several days. This signifies lack of teamwork. The aid that took Lewis’s vital signs delayed the reporting to the RN who is trained to recognize the vital signs outside of the normal range. Also failure to listen to Lewis and his family is an ineffective communication. The family was not heard.
Identify three reasons why health care providers attribute Lewis Blackman 's signs and symptoms to equipment failure? The three signs and symptoms to equipment failure are the “no blood pressure” findings, that Lewis is young and he only went for a surgery that is not as invasive, and lack of experience from the health care
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