Reintroduction Of Capital Punishment In Belize

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Reintroduction of capital punishment in Belize There have been many controversies on the topic of capital punishment and its role within the society. The church goes against it the society sometimes does go for it, but there are laws implemented by governments that protect human beings. Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is the legally authorized killing of someone as a form of punishment for an unacceptable crime. When a person has committed a crime that is punishable by death, he/she is then placed on what is known as death row. Capital punishment was once a way of penalizing criminals in Belize. In fact, the last execution in Belize took place when one prisoner was executed for murder in 1985. Ever since, too often many people have raised the question, should Belize reintroduce capital punishment? 20 years ago, Belize had the lowest murder rate, sadly 20 years later Belize currently is one of the top 5 countries that records the highest murder rate in the world as a result ,Belize is named as one of the most dangerous country in Central America . This certainly has caused the jewel to be placed a black eye on. Belize depends on the tourism industry to boost up its economic condition. If Belize continues to be a black eye on the market, there will be a point whereby tourist arrivals will decrease drastically, which will have a major economic impact in the economy. This black eye has been placed on the country because of the amount of murder rate that keeps

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