Reinventing The Melting Pot The New Immigrants Analysis

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Immigration has always been a part of American culture, in fact, it is the basis of how our country was formed. Immigration, both legal and illegal, has become a key focal point in today’s society. In a collection of essays titled “Reinventing the Melting Pot: The New Immigrant and What It Means to Be American,” Jamar Jacoby has a piece titled “The New Immigrants and the Issue of Assimilation” originally published in 2004. Jacoby creates an argument that although beneficial to our country, many immigrants are entering the United States where they are forced to spend their lives at the bottom of the economy, and where their assimilation feels forced. Jacoby’s purpose for writing this piece is to encourage readers that Americans are the problem…show more content…
423). Jacoby asks the reader a question, and in doing so, opens up the debate as to which side of assimilating immigrants you take as an individual. Jacoby reasons that the pessimistic views of assimilation have come to dominate the majority of the public’s understanding, and that it leaves “little room for those in the middle who take a more positive view” (Jacoby, 2004, p. 424). Jacoby believes that assimilation is possible, inevitable even. She feels as though “we as a nation not only can but must continue to absorb those who arrive on our shores” (Jacoby, 2004, p.424). Although she lacks references for her claims, she presents an emotional argument that could easily persuade readers to side with her views on the assimilation of…show more content…
Immigration has been a part of many native-born American pasts. Whether first generation or fifth generation, most people in the United States have ties to immigration. Immigration can provide a multitude of benefits to a country including: more diverse culture, new foods, more workers, and more academic scholars. Immigration can provide families, and individuals, the ability to take their aspirations and make them come true. However, with vast immigration comes great responsibility. Although I support the acceptance of immigrants and agree with Jacoby that they are beneficial to our country, I believe we need to have strict guidelines regarding who can be accepted, and when. Many anti-immigration Americans are afraid that these immigrants will be taking their opportunity of work, which after reading many articles, I believe it is an exaggerated fear. Many immigrants, legal or illegal, are taking low-paying jobs, which usually do not require a vast amount of English language or

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