Reinventing The Veil Analysis

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This essay compares the articles “Reinventing the Veil” by Leila Ahmed and “Why aren’t woman advancing at the Workplace” by Jessica Nordell. Both articles display oppression of woman due to stereotypes and the culture effecting environment phenomenon. “Reinventing the veil” is an article that shares an insight into the author’s perspective on hijabs and a brief discussion on hijabs over time and what they represent to Muslim woman. The article “Why woman aren’t advancing at workplace” attempts to look at how transgendered people might serve as a medium, to understand the glass ceiling effect and the obstacles woman face at the workplace. These articles share many similarities and will be discussed in this essay. * The article “Reinventing the veil” by Leila Ahmed discusses how the concept of hijabs has changed over time. Back then many people had the assumption the veils would…show more content…
She mentions that her yearning for the previous world has abated, and that she finds herself so absorbed within the story of these fascinating changes that occurred or are occurring within this century. She also talks about how many women today are rabbis and priests, a great advancement compared to the older times, where only men were allowed this position. She mentions how her fundamental assumptions were challenged and how absurd it was that they thought that people who were veiled were backwards and those who didn’t “advanced” The article “Why woman aren’t advancing at the workplace” by Jessica Nordell shares some similarities with “unveiling” as both women suffer oppression in the form of discrimination. The presence of Veils in America brought up all types of stereotypes and likewise can be said about woman’s positions at the workplace. - Our culture influences our
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