Relapse Case Study

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Zeinab A.Abdelsalam1, Naglaa M. Gaber2
1&2 Lecturers of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing- Faculty of Nursing- Cairo University Abstract
Relapse among schizophrenic patients is a major challenge for mental health service providers in Egypt. Relapse has negative consequences and it can affect to patients, their families, the mental health care providers and the country's economy. This study aimed to explore the correlates of relapse as perceived by schizophrenic patients. A descriptive correlational design was utilized in this study. Three tools were utilized; the socio-demographic data sheet, the patient's medical data sheet and the relapse factors questionnaire that was developed
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Purposive sampling strategy was employed. In this case the researcher deliberately chose the cases that could best contribute to the information needs of the study (Burns & Grove, 2011). An individualized interview was done for each subject who met the inclusion criteria for about 25 to 30 minutes.

Pilot Study
The questionnaire was pretested on a sample equal to 10 % of the total sample size that were not part of the main study. No further medications were done to the scale.
Ethical Considerations
The patients who met the inclusion criteria and agreed to participate in the current study were asked to an oral consent to agree in participating in the current study. Confidentiality and anonymity of the patients' information and freedom to withdraw at anytime during the study were ensured.

Results and Data
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The result shows the number of male more than female this could be due to the nature of the society and stigma that discourage the females to visit the community mental health clinic and hospital. Male preponderance was also seen by other studies
Slightly more than one third of the sample was in the age of (25-35) years. This age indicates that schizophrenia affects the productiveness and QOL of individuals. this can be due to schizophrenia as a chronic incapacity illness in which maximum sufferers experience common intervals of psychotic exacerbation and relapse. Relapse in schizophrenia can be associated with progressive functional deterioration, declining treatment reaction, worsen clinical outcome and escalating caregiver burden.
As regards the studied pattern topics’ house, greater than half of of them were from urban regions in Egypt and that was consistent This end result can be due to the increased mental contamination stigma in rural regions in Egypt that would affect the patient help searching for behaviors who then end up hesitant to go to any psychiatric
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