Relapsevere Depression Case Study

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1. List the possible triggers noted above for Mrs. MC’s Symptoms of depression? • Family distress as evidence by “She has been experiencing family problems with her husband and children for the last several months”. • Self-worth as evidence by “Now she feels so low that she has started smoking again, although she says she can 't really afford to”. • Lack of interest as evidenced by “she hasn 't been getting out of the house much recently” • Possible fatigue as evidence by “she is less active during the winter months” • Possible withdraw as evidence by “she often prefers to stay in and watch television” • Changes in drinking habits as evidence by “she is drinking more alcohol than normal” • Changes in mood as evidence by “feels more anxious about her life” • Self medicated as evidence by “she takes St John 's Wort for…show more content…
• Relapse highest in first 2 months after discontinuation of therapy. • If the patient has more than two major depressive disorder episodes, there is a change of 80% relapse in the first year without treatment. • It is critical to consider maintenance therapy as with any chronic illness. 13. How would you respond if a patient presented with moderate to severe depression and suicidal ideations without a specific plan? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM, 2014) is a product that has been developed and refined for well over ten years, by hundreds of mental health experts from around the world. The DSM is a respected product, which serves as a standard of defining and classifying mental health disorders, with the goal of improving diagnoses, treatments, and future research. The DSM classifies an individual with a major depressive disorder as someone who has had at least 5 of the following attributes within the previous two weeks on a near daily basis, and for the majority of each day. Out the below list of attributes, the first two hold significant weight: a depressed mood and a significantly reduced pleasure,

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