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Chapter 1 Introduction Advertising has today become one of the most important aspects of all the businesses and to imagine the life sans it is almost impossible. Advertisements were quite simple and innocent due to lack competition. However, the simplicity in advertising did not continue for long. There is increase in innumerable broadcast and TV channels in recent past. The national dailies and magazines also grew multifold. It was the time for advertisers to search for the right medium to reach the customers. Apart from the traditional medium, many other media options, which were never heard before, are now available. The production technology can now provide special effects to the advertisements. The web advertising, an interactive media,…show more content…
Many believe that advertising reflects the need of the times. Whether one likes it or not, advertisements are everywhere. They are seen on the walls, on the back of buses, in play grounds, on the occasion of sports event, on roadsides, in the stores and even on aero planes. Advertisements are seen in newspapers, in magazines, on the television, on internet and are even heard on radio. Here I am focusing mainly on the media as a source of advertising. The fact is that we are being bombarded with advertisements day in and day out from all imaginable media. The average consumer is exposed to a very large number of advertisements everyday, particularly the urban and semi urban population. In spite of this, to the dismay and irritation of some and enjoyment of others, advertisement will continue to make their presence felt in our lives and influence our lives in many unsuspecting ways because of rapid changes in macro- environment and in our perception, impressions, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. It seems almost impossible to remain totally neutral and not take any notice of modern-day advertising. The most visible part of the advertising process is the advertisements that we see, read, or hear and praise or…show more content…
Self Regulation by advertiser and agencies. 6.1. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) ASCI is a voluntary Self-Regulation council, registered as a not-for-profit Company under section 25 of the Indian Cos. Act. The sponsors of the ASCI, who are its principal members, are firms of considerable repute within Industry in India, and comprise Advertisers, Media, Ad Agencies and other Professional/Ancillary services connected with advertising practice. The ASCI is not a Government body, nor does it formulate rules for the public or the relevant industries. The membership of ASCI is divided into four categories: the advertisers, the press, the advertising agencies and the allied professions. In this context it should however be noted that number of members is abnormally low compared to the wide range of membership. THE CODE FOR SELF-REGULATION IN ADVERTISING PURPOSE The purpose of the Code is to control the content of advertisements, not to hamper the sale of products which may be found offensive, for whatever reason, by some people. Provided, therefore, that advertisements for such products are not themselves offensive, there will normally be no ground for objection to them in terms of this

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