Related Literature Of Pamaeaye In Aklan In The Philippines

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Review of Related Literature

The studies that are included in this chapter discusses all about Pamamanhikan in the Philippines. Also, the cognitive theory of multimedia learning will be included.

2.1.1 Philippines Wedding Culture and Beliefs

Filipinos are very well known for their particular traditions and styles (2009). In the Philippines, before a man and a woman could get married, there’s a custom tradition that they must do first and it is called the Pamamanhikan. This is a process wherein the groom and his parents go to the house of the bride 's family to ask for her hand in marriage. Wedding plans, discussions and other concerns regarding the wedding takes place at this stage.

This short article helped the researcher to have an understanding of the general definition of Pamamanhikan. Since, the aim of this study is to discover the different Pamamanhikan process in every region in the Philippines, the researcher must look into materials pertaining to the Pamamanhikan process of different regions.

2.1.2 Pamaeaye in Aklan and its Role in Value Formation

This tradition which is called pamaeaye in Aklan, pamalaye in Iloilo, mamaye in Cebu, pamanhikan in Tagalog, bulung-bulungan in Batangas, is a formal way of seeking the hand of the girl from her parents (Cichon, 2012).
According to the author, once accepted by the girls, and if the man is now ready to get married, he formally informs the mother of the girl that he wants to marry her daughter. The parents of

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