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Review of Related Literature
Ignited from the interest to find a detailed description of the fascinating peculiarities among children since 1938 , Leo Kanner in 1968 conducted a case study among eight boys and three girls entitled“ Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact “ and was allegedly the first to make a clinical report on autism ( Hall,2008) . In his study he described the children have a strong desire to be alone and an obsessive need for things to remain the same. Moreover, Kanner observed amazing memorization abilities of these children as he described them to have “ …a truly phenomenological memory that enables the child to recall and reproduce complex “nonsense” patterns, no matter how unorganized they are, in exactly the same form as originally construed” (Kanner 1968:249) yet they display remarkable problems in communication. Kanner’s describe the boys behaviors as (a) being unaware of another person’s presence; (b) speaking by repeating words they just heard (parroting) or not speaking at all; (c) spending long periods of time lining up
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Impairments of communication and social interactions are manifested and observed as sustained and pervasive which can be manifested verbally or non-verbally or both (DSM, 2013). Speech repetition (echolalia), I/you pronoun reversal or inability to identify and use personal pronoun, problems with speech volume or robot-like or monotonic voice, inability to tell stories and narratives are some language problems associated with ASD whose deficits are varying depending on the age, experience and support extended from the environment (Volkmar & Wiesner(
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