Related Literature Review Of Oyster Shell

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Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature Nowadays, for some people oyster shells is like a trash. After eating the shell will be throw to the garbage bag. Oysters are a kind of crustacean animal that can be only seen at the sea. Oysters have its shell like in the turtle, it serve as protection from other harmful creatures. Some scientist believe that many crustacean shell like mussels can give more strength. Oyster shells have 97% calcium carbonate (CaC03).Some of the oyster shells are abundant like in the coastal area of ilocos region. Oyster shells have of color of black and white. Some people make it a business. Sometimes they sell it to the market. Oysters have many sizes some are big , small and very big. Oyster shells have many uses. Some businessman make it as necklace, bracelet, and some can also use as decoration for some people .Some are recycling it making a new useful things .Many people use also the oyster and make a oyster sauce. Calcium carbonate is a material use in agricultural lime , and specially result to hard water. Calcium carbonate is also use medicinally like in calcium supplement. Calcium carbonate have also importance in construction industry it give strength to the bricks. In this research , oyster shell will serve as the material that gives more strength to the hollow blocks .Many oyster shells are in some places nearly in this project oyster shell will be under

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