Related Literature Review On Sex Education By Strasburger And Brown

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Chapter II Review of Related Literature In an article written by Strasburger and Brown (2014), “Sex Education in the 21st Century”, the media are already the de facto of sex educators. According to them, teenagers get 15, 000 sexual references on television in each year. Perhaps, this is the power of 21st century, where the information found on the internet or social media help the young adolescents in their quest for sexual information or to aid sex education in its purpose. An article stated by Victor Strasburger and Sarah Brown stated schools should be focused in teaching major subjects and literary skills instead of sex education. Physical education and health education are already problematic for schools since these topics already have the minimum amount of time, if sex education were to be added then it would simply be a liability. Added to that the time and budget that they would need to reduce from the said courses. In the case that they pursue the teaching of sex education the budget wouldn 't be sufficient to the teachers who would provide the needed training and such. Most of the time, teens are online and not in school. Sex education can also be found on the internet. Although the information that can be found may or may not be as reliable. According to Victor Strasburger, a professor in the University of New Mexico (2014), a review of the CDC study shows that almost 80% of teens ages 15-17 years old that are no longer virgins never had the sex education

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