Related Literature Review: The Concepts Of Conflict

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Review of Related Literature The Concepts of Conflict

According to NURC (2008) conflict means an inverse relationship or a disagreement between two or more Persons, between groups, regions or even nation originating from different insights and interests. Conflict is not a new social phenomenon in the history of human being. Conflict always exists as long as human beings live together and it is an unpreventable human practice. According to Imobighe (2003) conflict can be defined as a condition of disagreement in an interaction process and usually occurs because of clash of interest between the parties involved. Clash of interest could occur because either they are pursuing their incompatible goals to pursue their chosen goal. On the other
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Failure of the social contract: this theory dictates that, social stability and peace is based on the contract between the people and the government. People accept the existence of state in return the state delivers services and provides reasonable economic conditions for citizens. When there is economic stagnation or decline and failure of state to provide services, the contracts will break down, and conflict will occur.

Corruption: corruption becomes the root cause of many conflicts the World today especially in developing countries. The point here is that Politician’s use the resource of the nation for personal interest and this results the mass worsens its poverty situation. Because of this reason, this corrupt practice leads serious shortage of basic needs to provide for the people. Corruption results terrible things for the mass such as; it generates social unrest; restrains economic development, and hinders the establishment of democratic government and strong financial institutions that needed for stability and growth (Arthur,
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The creation of new states after independence of colonialism was accompanied urgent calls for nation-building by the new leaders particularly in Africa. There have been a number of pro-self-rule movements causing attempts to create self determination like the case of Katanga ethnic group in Congo, the movement of Biafra ethnic group in Nigeria, the case of Sudan and Somalia ethnic groups (Adeleye,

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