Relational Aggression

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In my narrative essay I use informative processing a lot to explain how my athletic program works and how cow sales are done. I briefly use comparison and contrast in my narrative essay when I discuss how I made my decision on whether i was going to the heifer sale or the soccer game/
In my argumentative essay I used development by example in my second body paragraph. I use an example of a school shooting in relation to violence in mass media. In my argument essay I also use comparison and contrast to discuss the different sides of violence in mass media. When discussing Relational Aggression I use definition to explain the term that most people would be unaware of.
In my literary analysis essay I tended to use causal analysis more than anything. I explained the relationship between the birthmark and the husband and wife. With that comes the effects the birthmark has on their relationship as well as the wife 's life. I also used comparison and contrast to show how the husband and wife each felt about the birthmark.
Thesis statements and topic sentences are similar because they both prepare the reader for what
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Staples comes to this conclusion from his own personal stories of people thinking he was a robber or mugger. Right from the start he sets the tone by speaking of his “first victim” and her reaction to him walking on the street. Staples explains that when people see black men like himself they quickly jump to conclusions about their character. He does not blame the people for these instances, however it makes him feel uncomfortable. Staples explains that due to the color of his skin he was once mistaken for a burglar when he went into work late one night. Staples message to the readers is not to stereotype someone due to the color of their skin, behavior, or gender but rather to get to know them and
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