Relational Interview: Dating

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Marbeya Tapia
Interpersonal Communication
The relational interview For this relational interview assignment I decided to interview two couples, a couple who has been dating for three months and the other couple who has been dating for two years and five months and live together. Both the guys in the relationship are my cousins. In this assignment I will be comparing the two couples and bringing it back to what we’ve been learning in class.
The first couple I interviewed is the couple who has been dating for three months. They both live in Corcoran and see each other frequently. My cousin is twenty years old, he works for an everyday living. My cousins girlfriend is nineteen years old and she studies in Fresno State. They meet each other
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Their both 26 years old and they both work for a living, my cousin’s girlfriend also studies at Fresno State. They both live together but, they are not married nor do they have kids. While interviewing them I learned a lot from them. They both seem to be very understanding with each other. In this relationship they both seem to be nurturing people since they both care about each other,support each other and love each other. While interviewing them all the questions I seemed to asked them made it seem like they had no problems, as if their relationship was perfect. I decided to ask them what was the key to having such a strong relationship and them not giving up on each other easily? My cousins girlfriend first answered my question she smiled and said “our relationship isn’t perfect. He gives me millions of headaches there’s days when I just want to kill him but, I know i 'm nothing without him. Their is not “key” to having a long lasting relationship but, being honest with each other and never giving up on each other is what keeps our relationship strong.” My cousin answer was “She’s so perfect, I would say what makes our relationship strong is that when we do have problems we don’t simply give up on eachother I mean we do get mad and argue but at the end of the day, we love each other and always try working out our problems”. Even at two years and five months later their relationship still…show more content…
When comparing these two relationships it’s obvious that both relationships have a problem. At the rate the first couple is in the stagnating stage, were they 're unable to grow and their distances because of the arguments and fights they always have. The terminating stage is really close for them, if they don’t do anything about their problems the end of the relationship might be really close. I believe that the problem in their relationship is that their is no balance in the relationship. My cousin 's girlfriend seems to not care about the relationship they 're both in. They seem to be stuck in the conflict stage. When a conflict comes up instead of both of them trying to prove each other wrong, they should really try to solve the problem itself just like the second couple does. The problem that the second couple has is that they 're not completely honest with each other. It really seems to bug my cousin that his girlfriend doesn 't cook for him at times but, never was he honest enough to tell her. The fact that my cousin likes to drink every weekend with his friends also makes his girlfriend mad but, she stopped insisting that he should stop drinking and she stopped mentioning to him how much she hated it. My cousin did mention that he thought it didn’t bug his girlfriend that he drank so much since she never said anything about it. The problem that they have is that there 's some miscommunication between them. Being completely honest about a problem they dislike and
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