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The relationship between culture and public relations There is a strong connection between public relations and culture. According to Ron Smith, PR can be characterized as an arranged effort to build and maintain valuable and beneficial relationships between the organization and its publics. (0) Culture can be defined as a particular group of people, characterized by language, religion, and social habits. These individuals with similar characteritics band together to form a culture. The relationship between PR and culture as a topic provides a wide scope for analysis. The objective of this essay is to discover how public relations practitioners’ practices change when operating in a foreign culture, focusing on the methods of cross- cultural…show more content…
However, non-western countries still see practitioners neglect cultural factors basing their work on theories and methods developed by the West. In today’s modern world, the situation has reversed. PR professionals are known not to generalize across cases, but within them. This work will be divided in two parts. First part of this essay will be concentrated on the theory, of how culture is affected by the US’ influence and how it changes the PR practitioners’ approach. The second part will concentrate on the way PR practitioners have to adjust their methods of approaches to suit the culture. This would show the significance of culture within PR practices. As both local and national aspects of culture are a part of a bigger international global culture that is rapidly taking shape.…show more content…
In a today’s global environment there should be a greater sensitivity to cultural nuances. (3) In the past, PR practitioners concentrated on techniques of communicating with their publics and learning how to reach them successfully. Today, these focuses are not sufficient and they would have additional aspects to focus on. (4) Many companies have succeeded in achieving their targets, but others have had to change their policies instead. For example, a few years ago, McDonald’s had started to offer super- sized meals. Many people were buying it because of the price. Unknown to them, super- sized meals were very unhealthy. Tracking this trend the film director Morgan Spurlock directed a film where he carried out an experiment of consuming super- sized meals for thirty days in a row. After the film was screened, McDonald’s stopped offering super- sized meals and added healthier items to its

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