Relationship Abuser Analysis

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The beginning of a relationship is one of the most beautiful things here on earth. The butterfly in the stomach, the superb chemistry and the desire to see this relationship last. How then are you able to tell if in fact you are falling in love with an abuser? Here are Six red flags to look out for: (Please note "He" is used as gender neutral in this article) He comes out strong He constantly calls or come to your place unexpectedly at the begging of the relationship. At first, it might even seem romantic. How then will you know he is an abuser? Look into his motive. When he calls constantly, does he want to know where you are or what you are doing, whose company you are keeping, does he inquire about that background noise? You may not feel…show more content…
This is an indication that he has a hard time controlling his emotions and is a potential abuser. He is Abusive to the third party How does he treat tellers or waiters when you go out? How does he react to kids in a supermarket? His reaction to other people will tell you who he truly is. When your relationship progress and he becomes comfortable, he will treat you in the same manner. Tries to control your decisions, time and money An abuser is controlling, and because of this urge to control, He will try to interfere with your thought process, belittle your opinion and edify his. In the end, he will want you to stick with his opinion, spend your time and money in the manner he thinks best, not in the manner you desire though these are issues that concern your life. Although women bear the most blunt of abuse, at least 25% of men also go through abusive relationships. Once in an abusive relationship it might take at least six instances of abuse (verbal or physical) before one gets out. The pain and the negative emotional effect of this abuse can be minimized by looking out for red flags as these and calling it quits before becoming too
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