Relationship Between Abelard And Heloise

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The Letters of Abelard and Heloise is a book filled with a collection of letters between Peter Abelard and Heloise, during the twelfth century. The letters a written after they have a scandalous relationship and marriage. After Heloise’s uncle, Flubert, takes revenge on the lovers, they decide to become a monk and a nun. Consequently they are forced to be apart for the rest of their lives. In their letters, they mourn for their past love and its tragic end. Throughout their letters, Abelard and Heloise struggle with their broken relationship, and want to repent from their sinful past. However, they both admit that they still love each other and are struggling to devote themselves fully to God. Both Abelard and Heloise were both well educated. Abelard was the eldest child from a wealthy family. He…show more content…
However, the letter finds its way into Heloise’s hands, which causes her to reach out to Abelard, causing a series of passionate letters between them. At first Heloise is longing and reminiscing about their past. Later she tries to say she has gotten over her love for Abelard, but comes out saying that she cannot rod him from her mind. Abelard admits he still loves and thinks about Heloise, but he is sorrowful over their sinful past. He wants what is best for Heloise, and wants her to focus on her spiritual life and be the best abbess she can be. Abelard wanted them to stop their letters to each other, so that they could focus on their salvation. In the end, the romantic story of Abelard and Heloise is a tragic, but insightful, look into a scandalous love affair between two intelligent people during the middle ages. In the end, they chose a monastic lifestyle to reconcile their deeds. These two lovers fell hard to their temptations. Abelard and Heloise’s tragic love story has touched people’s hearts, and will continue to do so for a long
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