Relationship Between Bassanio And Antonio

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Study the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio. By analyzing the language of the play, explore what their friendship reveals about their characters.
As we know, Bassanio and Antonio are best friends and this relationship plays a big role throughout the play. During the period in which they existed, a friendship between two men, such as themselves, was highly honoured and given a position above all other relationships. Both the men love each other dearly and would do anything and everything for each other. Their fellowship however indicates several features of their characteristics. Many times Bassanio reveals his irresponsibility, and two-faced attitude. Other times Shakespeare gives us insight on Bassanio’s passion and determination to live life. At the same time, Antonio is forming a generous insistent but careless donor.
Our first description of Bassanio is as a “most noble kinsman” and one of Antonio’s “worthier friends.” We can immediately classify Bassanio as a gentleman do to words such as ‘noble’ and ‘worthier’ which show importance and values of an upperclassman. One must make notice of ‘most,’ quite often either men use it when speaking of each other. This word alone carries an image of their friendship; that they hold each other at the highest points of respect. Solanio and Salarino also describe Bassanio as “better company,” this means that Antonio is more comfortable in Bassanio’s presence. This is not only because of their close friendship but also
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