Boxing And Happiness Analysis

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The Relationship between Boxing and Happiness Happiness is a universal objective that is recently gaining more attraction in the field of human psychology. The documentary happy by director Roko Belic, explores what the true meaning of happiness is, including the feelings of people from all around the world. This documentary argues that everyone can become happier. He explains and shows real examples of people who have it pretty bad but manage to be very happy, to them happiness can not be taken away because of how they live life. Marino, Gordan in the New York Times article, "Boxing Lessons." Debates the controversy surrounding boxing and happiness. He writes that “The willingness to endure physical risks is not enough to guarantee uprightness; nevertheless, it can, I think contribute in powerful ways to the development of moral virtue.” The article expresses how boxing may lead to happiness he states boxing can benefit people not only inside but outside the ring. Ranging from freedom, selfhood, self-fulfillment and may also can contribute to our moral lives. It is important to consider that boxing can lead to happiness and a better life style. Although boxing may have negative effects in some cases but not all.
In our society, happiness may be defined as a state of well being and contentment.
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One reason is because boxing can relieve stress. Additionally, boxing can also make a person all in all a happier person. Amanda L Chan, who is a fitness instructor, discuses how exercise can lead to happiness. This claim is made when Chan states that “We found that people who are more physically active have more pleasant-activated feelings than people who are less active.” This quote shows that people that are more physically active, usually are happier then others. Therefore, boxing should be taken into consideration to be apart of people every day
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