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The Bureaucracy and the American Dream The relationship between bureaucracy and the government is that it posted a lot of challenges since its inception (Warner). Bureaucracies are very relevant because they are the working machinery of the government (Lazo). Embodied with different functions, they are supposed to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. But because bureaucrats have their own interest, their purpose is sometimes, if not often, defeated. With Americans embracing the American Dream, bureaucratic agencies should implement laws and make rules that would make this American Dream realistic. For this reason, this paper aims to elaborate how bureaucracies kill the American Dream. Bureaucracy is a term which is very unpopular to citizens. However, these bureaucrats exercise power which has been subject to several debates because they are less visible and they are only appointed by the president with the approval of the Senate (Colemn et al.) Policy decisions made by the…show more content…
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