Career Coaching And Career Maturity Essay

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2. The link between career counselling, career coaching and career maturity. 2.1 Introduction Career coaching and career counselling are both considered to be career development activities, thus falling under the umbrella of the ongoing process towards individual progression, called career development. With regard to the previously discussed definitions of career maturity, in the context of career development career maturity may be described as the goal or outcome of continues growth. Even though career maturity is not a fixed point for the purpose of this discussion it is described as a goal, thus career maturity is achieving a certain way of doing things. Both career coaching and career counselling are tools used in the process of career development towards career maturity (Feldman, 2001; Schreuder & Coetzee, 2011, p. 62). 2.2 The link between career counselling and career maturity. The history of Career counselling dates back to Frank Parson 's (1909 as cited in Schreuder & Coetzee, 2011, p. 294) three-step model of vocational guidance. Career coaching can be defined as: “A process which enables people to recognise and utilise their resources to make career related decisions and manage career related problems (Schreuder & Coetzee, 2011, p. 294).”…show more content…
According to Feldman (2001) the purpose of coaching is to achieve the following aims: to turn around deficiencies and to strengthen underdeveloped skills, to prepare for advancement and to assist in the adjustment to major changes in the workplace. Buys (as cited in Snyman, 2015, p. 16) concurs with this explanation by mentioning three areas of career coaching in which individuals should be assisted: Problem-solving, skills provision, and development in current task towards future

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