Examples Of Certainty

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Without one there is not the other. Doubt and certainty rely on each other, there is no such thing as certainty if there isn’t doubt. Our society relies on the fact that certainty can get us through life, that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to if they are certain they can. Everything that one holds true hasn't been proven wrong, but who says it couldn’t be? There is no such thing that says that if someone is so certain that they can do something, they will be able to conquer that. Doubt, in many ways, is that in between. Doubt is what allows us to questions those certainties. Without doubt, our society would be merely an untraversable reality in which certainty and innovation would be disregarded. Certainty is a safety…show more content…
Scientific efforts have advanced because of the doubts of many countries and scientist. One of the glorifying events of the world was sending a man into space and to the moon. It was unheard of before those years that someone could even get into space, let alone touch the surface of the moon. Just 20 years before the launch it was absolute nonsense that we could do it. Certainty blinded people's eyes and doubt was the only thing to uncover the idea of getting into space and progressing our space program. Although science fiction was becoming more of a reality, some connections were coming to life between ridiculous and ludicrous concepts. These concepts were becoming reality nowadays, like lately the video from the secretary of defense of the alien UFO. Some people are so certain that there are extraterrestrials in the universe and we are not alone. Others doubt that something could scientifically be living out in the universe, or that something can be as technologically as advanced as us. Again the doubtfulness of aliens will forever be present, and we will always be uncertain if these extraterrestrials are real. A more recent example is the HELA cells, captured in the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The author Rebecca Skloot tells the story of a young woman in the 40’s who developed cervical cancer and the doctors took her cells without consent, and the family in current…show more content…
The debate of uncertainty and certainty has gone on for generations and will go on for many more. But if we were to say that our greatest scientist and geniuses did not doubt, we as a whole society are making a vast terrible assumption. Without the doubts of great scientist such as Albert Einstein who created the theory of relativity of gravity, or Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and provided society with one of its most important inventions of all time, who was certain that he could create such a thing. But without testing it over 50 times, his certainty would not be invalid. Without his doubt, and his willingness to push through all the mistakes, he would not have made this discovery. Without these geniuses doubt we would not be living in the society we live in today, or the society that we see everyday would not be the way it is. One thing is certain though; doubt is one of the most important things to our progression as a
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