Imagination And Innovation

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Imagination Is the Root of Innovation
Imagination is the domain of the mind where you see things that do not yet exist in this world, but which one day might. It is an undervalued yet basic component of creativity and innovation. Imagination is defined as well as “the capacity of shaping mental pictures, sensations and ideas, in an instant when they are not saw through sight, hearing or other senses”.
Imagination Is Not Just for Ideas
Imagination, similar to creativity, is not for special use during the visionary idea generation phase. It is helpful throughout the innovation process. For instance, in order to transform a new product idea into a manufacturable item, someone needs to imagine and design a production process. Another person needs
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Creativity is a vital part of innovation, is the idea of departure.”
The most widely recognized idea regarding relationship between creativity and innovation originates from the opinion according to which internal business processes are fundamentally the same as to external ones. As regularly industrial sectors are categorized by an innovative change which is the outcome of a technological change, then we transpose the same progression inside firms and we imagine a sequence of events where creativity is the cause, while innovation is the impact. In other words creativity would be changed into innovation; according to this idea, creativity is the input and innovation the output. Then creativity would just mean producing ideas, and innovation would be the result of a selection process which purposes is to separate the right ones from the wrong ones. Once we have selected working ideas, innovation would rise from their application
While creativity is a SKILL, innovation is a PROCESS that must use the skill of creativity to be fruitful. Consider of innovation as a four-part successive
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All organizations have the ability to be creative, however, not every one of them have the ambition, drive and knowledge to harness their creativity to drive innovation. Exploring both creativity and innovation in business can increase performance and the bottom line. Keep in mind that your ideas and innovation, regardless how amazing, still need to fulfill a need among customers.

Differences between Creativity and Innovation
Here are some major differences between Creativity and Innovation:
1. The value of thinking new ideas and placing them into reality id creativity. The act of implementing the creative ideas into practice is innovation.
2. Creativity is an original process as opposed to innovation is a productive process.
3. Creativity can never be measured, yet innovation can be measured.
4. Creativity is identified with the era of ideas which are new and unique. On the other hand, innovation is related to introduce something better into the market.
5. Creativity does not require money, whereas, innovation requires money.
6. There is no danger involved in creativity, whereas risk is always involved in
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