Relationship Between Culture And Culture

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The studies of this discipline confirm the mechanics through which culture is regulated by an individual’s mind as it manifests in certain mental traits. On the other hand sports also influence the same mental traits which are affected by culture. This invites us to establish a clear relationship between culture and sports.

1.3 Sports and Promotion of Culture
An interesting case study establishing a strong relationship between culture and sports is presented by Michael Josephson. In the following statement, he clearly defines how in American society sports and culture are interlinked:
The love of sports is so deeply embedded in our national consciousness that the values of millions of people — participants and spectators — are directly and dramatically affected by the values conveyed by organized sports. This places a significant social responsibility on those who influence sports — administrators, coaches, athletes and officials — to assure that athletic competition helps build the character and ethics of participants and spectators. Many aspects of American society are competitive, including our free enterprise system, and our views as to what is permissible and proper in the competitive pursuit of personal goals are influenced strongly by the dominant values of high-profile athletic competition(Josephson & PVWH, 1999).
He further mentions that ‘the essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core
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