Relationship Between Culture And International Relations

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Culture and identity are often considered similar, but they are two concrete terms to be defined together. They acquire a very complex relationship and are always remain linked with each other because they influence each other. That is both are interdependent on each other and can
In this new millennium, where due to globalization and international relations the identity of the people and the world is changing day by day. Therefore, this paper aims at exploring the relationship between culture and identity and how it affects the international relations.
Culture is often believed to be a set of co-dependent norms and ethnic values that are put together are used for defining a concrete set of people that is in the broader sense a country. In short culture can be defined as the way a group of people living together. It includes the way those people dress, make shelters, share the same foods, work and follow the same set of traditions.
In terms of international relationship, culture can be refers to a collective set of shared knowledge, norms, practices and systems. The unique theory of international relation is identified and their bases are developed from the concept of culture and the norms related to them. According to this theory, its culture that connects different societies together yet separates them from each other that are cultured in international relations sated above refers to an international set of norms, international set of

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