Relationship Between Demand And Demand

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The law of supply and demand is a basic economic principle that explains the relationship between supply and demand for a good or service and how the interaction affects the price of that good or service. The relationship of supply and demand affects the housing market and the price of the house. The definition of the Demand as a consumer 's desire to buy a product and to enhance the purchasing power of enterprises in order to obtain a certain amount of goods when they reach a certain price over a given period of time. There is an inverse relationship between price and cost. The price increase demand will decrease. But if the price decrease will increase demand. The definition of supply the amount of goods or services that you offer Producers at each expected level of prices, within a specified period of time. There are factors that affect demand. The first one incomes of consumers people with high incomes buying a lot of goods and people with low incomes buying lass than people with high income. But the level of influences on the type of thing that people bay. There are two types of goods Normal good when the income increases consumers. And inferior good which demand decrease if the income increase. The second ,social economic influences the demonstrate effect . If the demonstrate say the good ,the demand will be incurs. If the demonstrate say the good is bad the demand will be. And testes of the people for example in the food. Some of people like milk so the demand are
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