Relationship Between Digital Media And Contemporary Art

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This paper is to work and find how digital media and contemporary art are having some complex relationship. Francesco Poli, said the convergence of this was widely anticipated, (in the Twentieth Century avant-garde movement in general, and especially in its conceptual trends) by some global factors. The relationship between technology and creativity; the relationship with the media, and in general with the concept of ‘mediation’, which poses the problem of positioning the artist in society; and interdependent feature assumed, especially in recent years, by the ‘system’ of contemporary art. It 's a known fact that today 's digital technology have touched most aspects of our lives if not all. Ironically, McLuhan affirmed that the relationship between digital media and contemporary art poses the problem of finding the right balance between tradition and change. Some institutions maintain conservative position, considering the advent of technologies such as a simple change in medium and techniques (from the book to e-book, from film to magnetic memory, etc.).
Today Digital media are in a state of transition: on the one hand, they look towards the past, showing their ability to recover and give new functions to all the wealth of knowledge deposited on analogue media; on the other hand, towards the future, developing completely new forms, which are based on characteristics that analogue media did not possess modularity, variability, programmability and interactivity. This

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