Relationship Between Digital Media And Interpersonal Relationship

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Digital media and interpersonal relationship (computer mediated relationships)

The popular culture media in recent years has become increasingly fascinated by online relationships, Social scientists have also acknowledged these contemporary relationships and currently a large existing literature base on computer mediated communication, among those notable examples (1996; Walther,) Internet culture and ( Turkle, 1995) Internet relationships exists are some of them.

David Schnarch, said that one reason for the powerful allure of the Internet, as a context to meet significant others, relates to the ability to have emotional contact without risk of physical dangers, exposure or being known In detail, having control to simply disconnect from irritating or unsafe individuals and freedom to experiment with various persons makes computer mediated relation an attractive alternative to traditional social environments (David Schnarch, 1997).

It seems plausible that with the user’s power to flee from virtual situations that causes of discomfort or annoyance, those who predominantly engage in Computer Mediated Relation as their preferred method of relating to others may find it difficult to acquire and exercise the interpersonal skills necessary for conflict management or peacemaking. Having the opportunity to freely disengage while interacting with others on the Internet is likely beneficial to those experimenting with new personas or methods of interaction, not only
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