Relationship Between Diplomacy And Diplomacy

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Abstract: In the world of diplomacy there are a lot of things that been used as the tools to do diplomacy, diplomacy itself happened because of the willingness of a country to achieve their national interest through diplomacy, one of the tools in diplomacy is Trade or trading, trading itself is a important tool in doing diplomacy, because nowadays the power of a nation pretty much depend on the volume of the export or import of goods between or among the nations in order to achieve a prosper nation, because of this important relation in diplomacy in this paper I will discuss the role of trading in diplomacy, and how important is trading in the diplomacy relation between or among countries. Words: Diplomacy, Trading, Relations Introduction: According to the oxford dictionary diplomacy is the profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representative abroad, or the act of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way , this also mean that diplomacy is the way of a nation to negotiate the dispute or matter in order to achieve their national interest. In doing diplomacy there is much kind of tools to use, the tools also have to suit the nation or the country interest, like if you do negotiation with the US we have to know what is the United State main concern in order for us to meet the negotiation . One of the use of diplomacy is to boost the economic relation the representative country towards the intention

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