Relationship Between Economic Growth And Human Development

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Human Development has been recently considered as the ultimate goal of human activity instead of economic development. We can define Human Development as expanding people 's opportunities and Choices to reach a point in which they can live longer, healthier, more educated and fuller lives. Apparently, there is a substantial relation between economic growth (EG) and human development (HD). From one way, economic growth gives the resources to allow perpetual progress in human development. On the other way, improvements in the quality of the labour force (Education, Health) are an essential factors contributing to economic growth. But, while this two-way connection between human development and economic growth may now be widely agreeable, the particular factors connecting them have not been systematically explored. This paper is going to deepen the understanding of the two-way relationship between human development and economic growth at both the theoretical and empirical levels. And support our discussion by a real example “Countries” that will be my empirical evidences. In order to examine the relationship between HD and EG we need to study the two-way connection between them, and test how each one related and contributed to the other theoretically and empirically. So I will divide my paper into three sections: way #1 from EG to the HD, way #2 from HD to EG and the final section (empirical evidence): investigates the movement of countries from one category to another and
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