Relationship Between Education And Social Environment

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The aim of this paper is to discuss the relationship between education and the social environment. I will also seek to discuss the role that the environment plays in an individual’s education. Positive and negatives will also be discussed. Theories will also be linked to my discussion and findings.
In my understanding, education is the act or process of acquiring or imparting knowledge or skills that are needed to be successful in life. To acquire a good education, one might attend a school or university and experience different real life situations. The social environment refers to a person’s physical surroundings, community resources and social relationships. The physical surroundings have to do with amenities for education, housing, health care and facilities for recreation. Community resources have to do with knowledge, support and organizations within a community. Social relationships are the interactions between individuals and groups. These relationships often times help individuals to develop and achieve their goals. At times, these relationships are both voluntary and involuntary. A child’s social environment is solely dependent on where his/her parents choose to live and send them to school. The social environment determines who a child forms social relationships with and the caliber of those relationships. Hence, it is important for parents to choose the most suitable social environment to grow their children as this will affect their educational well being
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