Relationship Between English And The Natives

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The English didn’t really bother the Natives the English set up the colonies and did their own thing. When times got tough for the colonist the Natives offered to help them get food and to survive the winters. The relation between the English and the Natives was shaky there were times when the Natives hated the English and attacked them,but there were also times when the Natives help the English when the English really need help. The English only really attack the Natives if The Natives attacked them, and when the English wanted to expand they just took it, the land to the English was all theirs the Natives had no right to the land in the mind of the English. The English did have families with some of the Natives and that did make bonds with the Natives tribes and the colonist. At first the English came to the new world to find gold, later realizing there was no gold the started to farm, fish and fur trap and they learned this from the Natives the colonist sold this to make money.
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