Relationship Between Feminism And Postmodernism

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Postmodernism lies precisely at the level of perception and experience, it also refers to a cultural phenomenon that reflects profound changes in society and culture within which it is strongly rooted. Further, in postmodernism, Feminist English Literature is a spectrum of many colours and shades like soft, prominent and strident. The voices emanating therefore vary from the traditional but conscious of their selves to exclusively self seeking with a seeming vengeance. Accordingly, Postmodernism Feminist literature is fully committed to accommodating the voices of the eccentric and the marginalized. Hence, Herein lays the close connection between feminism and postmodernism. Thus, Postmodernism indicates the wide horizon opening up for exploration from feminist perspective. A perusal of this is bound to open up new vistas of appreciation and understanding.

In Addition to, women writers assert that a Feminist theory should be explicitly historical, attuned to the cultural specificity of different societies and periods and to different groups within societies and periods. They wish to analyse the workings of patriarchy in all its manifestations, desire to think in terms of pluralities and diversities rather than unities and universals and articulate ways of thinking about gender without simply reversing the old hierarchies or confirming them.

In order to achieve these goals, postmodern feminist writers have exerted their energies to deconstruct the past, reconstruct a more
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