Relationship Between Friendship And Betrayal

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FRIENDSHIP AND BETRAYAL True friendship does not reap betrayal. This means that if someone’s relationship is of true friendship then the possibility of betrayal is negligible. Friendship is a term of utmost importance meaning a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Betrayal in respect with friendship is the disappointment of hopes or expectations of the friend and not helping them out of a tough situation they are going through. One of the major causes of betrayal is fear of someone or something. This paper would prove that if people aren’t true friends then betrayal is doable. True friendship involves relationship, trust and accountability. If the relationship between the friends is worthwhile then there friendship will flourish. Trust is essential for true friendship. It includes the trusting of two friends on each other, if they are able to share the most serious and secretive things. Trust brings positivity to friendship and builds more strong and unbreakable friendships. Accountability means that one friend can count and rely on the other friend if they are true friends. They would help each other in various tasks and it wouldn’t be only one friend doing all the work. Real friends also encourage and forgive each other. In the kite runner, all these traits were followed by Hassan as Amir relied on Hassan for the completion of his work like all the morning work before Amir went to school. “For

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