Relationship Between Geography And Geomorphology

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valleys, hanging valleys, roche mountonnees, mushroom or gara, cliffs, bays, promonotaries etc.Relief features formed by the depositional work of the exogenetic forces are alluvial cones and alluvial fans, overflow lakes, natural levees and flood plains, deltas, morains, eskers, kames, drumlins, sand dunes, barkhans, beaches etc. All these features hold an important place as they give the description of the landforms formed on the surface of the earth.
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New concepts has come up in the field of Geomorphology

1. Over the years a better relationship has develop between geography, geomorphology and geology. Geomorphology is closely associated with geography and geology. Both geographers and geologists have contributed vastly to the development of geomorphological studies especially work of scholars like Davis, Wooldridge and Morgan and B.W.Sparks who believed that; geomorphology is a part of geology as it has been realized during recent decades that, geomorphology has been more geological than geographical. In Europian nations, there is an increasing trend recognizing geomorphology as a branch of geography and thus there has been an increase in geomorphological studies as several scholars are making significant contribution to the development and growth of geomorphology.

2. Growth of structural Geomorphology: The subject has gained a lot of importance in the recent years, the laws and agents of denudation are gaining importance. There has been a greater trend

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