Relationship Between Globalisation And Globalization

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GLOBALISATION INTRODUCTION Globalisation has indeed been one of the most talked about topic in the past twenty years or so and it is a phenomenon that has basically become a norm ibn the world of business. Globalisation in simple terms can be described as companies or organisations’ expanding their businesses to embrace what happens in the global market. (Goudzwaard, Vander vennen, van heemist)Businesses are beginning to function on a more international level. Technology advancements have made it a lot easier for people to communicate with each other in minutes. Due to the advancement communications people do not have to wait weeks in order to receive or communicate with someone on the other side…show more content…
Firstly the globalisation process sets up the path for the formation of ideologies more especially the western materialistic ideology, secondly. The globalisation process shows the characteristics of a narrowed perspective of the modern worldview and thirdly the globalisation process tends to impose the western culture onto other cultures. Unfortunately sometimes if these three elements are allowed to interact it is sometimes accompanied by deadly repercussions. When spirals of ideologies clash this could cause and in some cases has already caused havoc. Let’s take the twin tower attacks that happened on September 11th 2001. When Islamic terrorists hijacked planes and flew them directly on to the world trade centre. This we can say happened because there was a clash between the Islamic ideology and the western ideologies and this resulted in tragic death of innocent people. Ideologies can also react indirectly to each other. Indirect clashes between ideologies are less visible but are very dangerous. Countries with a high poverty rate and who have individual languages and cultures tend to suffer the devastating effects of globalisation. Globalisation is all about inclusion and introducing new markets to other countries thus increasing their economy, but in many countries around the African continent are experiencing a pattern of exclusion and them putting that blame on globalisation. As the prices of industrial products remain the same or drop. The cost of care is becoming more expensive, today the poor communities are finding it hard to receive a good education, proper training and adequate healthcare due to the

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