Relationship Between Globalization And Culture

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Human migration is closely related to globalization and culture. Globalization makes people becoming more interconnected and especially contributes to the international migration which is increasingly common worldwide. Culture helps people to distinguish the members of one group from another. Culture is shared pattern of learned human behavior and interactions so that immigrants should consciously accept and learn the new language and custom, and only in this way can they be identified as a member of the society. The most common factor that leads to migration worldwide is economic opportunity. Globalization has developed plenty of multinational corporations and also the capital transnational flow. People are attracted by commercial opportunity abroad and searching for better overseas working conditions. Just like the leading actor Sam, the reason why he came to China was because the company wanted to keep in touch with the top client who has migrated to China. Seeking and chasing interests are the instincts of human being.
In the past, especially from 16th to 19th centuries, huge immigration trend like the Atlantic slave trade had sent millions of Africans migrated to other countries, treated them as slaves and forced them to work. The reason why this immoral and inhumane trade had last for centuries is only because the invaders can make a huge profit through exploit and impoverish them. However nowadays, globalization helps a lot in legal migration. People have more

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