Relationship Between Good And Bad Lady Macbeth

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lady Macbeth: Essay In the play William Shakespeare I think Macbeth is a bad person. Some people are greedy so they try to do bad things because there influenced by something they want in life. In the play Macbeth, he has good and bad in him. At the beginning of the play Macbeth starts off as a general, but as the story goes on he later starts to kill people to keep his power. In William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth is a bad person as his desire for power results in greed. Everyone in the world has good and bad in them. People all have accomplished great things in life and were capable of doing tragic things in life. In the play William Shakespeare Macbeth is a terrible person one example of Macbeth being a bad person is that he kills Banquo because he was being suspicious of Duncan’s murder. Banquo was at the palace where Macbeth received prophecy that he would be king. “New honors come upon him, Like our strange garments, cleave not to their mould But with the aid of use.” (159-161)(act 1 scene 3) This is the meaning for Banquo that Macbeth's new honors do not fit him.) This quote makes Macbeth feel suspicious because he is concerned that Banquo would take his place as king of Crawdor. Macbeth commits the crime of Banquo because he does not feel the need of having him around. Macbeths thirst and eagerness for power is turning him…show more content…
The last example of Macbeth being bad is when he orders family to be killed because he discovers that Macbeth has fled to Duncan’s son, Malcom in England. Macbeth is suspicious that his downfall might be coming. “beware Macduff” this quote is talked by the witches in act 4 secne 2 as the witches are warning Macbeth that something might happen. Therefore Macbeth gets very suspicious and hires two murderes to kill them. Macbeths insanity to become utterly obsessed with eliminating any threats to his power is why he is a lousy person in this
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